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Griffen is a Chicago-based hip-hop artist with 2 decades worth of material floating in cyberspace... In between all those official releases are unfinished gems and unreleased audio portraits. By subscribing to Griffen, fans get a weekly dose of alternate versions, rough mixes and music otherwise unavailable until now. The vault is extensive enough to give you something no one has heard, every week, for the next few years in addition to full albums/mixtapes from the back catalogue. 52 weeks in a year, 52 unreleased the actual albums and EPs that become available.

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Chicago, Illinois
Griffen’s style is a mix of external influences and internal beliefs. His older brother followed in the family footsteps of working as a DJ, and shared records (including NWA) that shaped Griffen at a formative age.

Griffen has developed a rare form of artistry and technique...

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